Wigwam Socks

Many of us think of socks as just a necessity for our feet. We don’t give them any more thought or consideration. However, when you actually think about it, our feet take tremendous pressure and wear all day long. Socks are meant to help to keep our feet comfortable as we perform different activities like walking, running, playing sports, dancing, etc. So you need to research a little before you pick out your socks. And keep in mind that it is worth spending a little more on them. After all they have to work hard to protect your feet. Wigwam Sock company is a family owned business. They have been producing socks for over 100 years in USA. They operate out of Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Wigwam socks are made from high quality materials – all of which are obtained in USA itself. Plus, they have not forgotten their responsibility to mother earth. Over the last century their manufacturing facility has changed for the better. They strive to maintain a “green” and earth conscious facility and “green” practices. By improving the efficiency of their facility they are reducing their carbon foot print. They have installed solar energy panels to heat their water and motion sensory lights which help to conserve electricity. They reuse and recycle as many products as possible, thereby controlling their waste. By buying wool and cotton from American farmers they are supporting domestic farmers.

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If you are an avid sports person you would know the importance of a superior pair of socks. Wigwam pays very close attention to the designing of their specialty sports socks. They are made to keep your feet dry and free from pressure points. Their ingenius line of socks comes with a moisture repellent liner sock and an insulating merino wool outer sock knit together. These socks are perfect for brisk walking and can also be used for everyday wear. Because of their sleek and trim weight they easily fit well in snug fitting trail shoes.wigwam socks

If you are interested in sports like skiing or hiking you should consider the ultimax socks. They are heavier in weight compared to the ingenius line and give some more bulk in your boots. The ultimax hiking/ outdoor sock has a dense but lightweight cushioned sole which gives extra comfort to the heel and other areas that take a lot of pressure. Your feet will stay warm and protected. The ultimax silver crew sock is made of wigwam’s x-static fiber fabric that features anti microbial and anti odor properties. In addition it gives extra cushioning to the leg and sole.

Besides sports Wigwam also has a line of health socks. These socks are great for people who certain ailments like diabetes or people who suffer from a lot of leg fatigue. The Compressor is knee length and the tall stimulating fit reduces leg fatigue. The light compression will enhance the circulation. The foot hugging, light weight design with a seamless closure provides great comfort to your tired legs. This sock is constructed of 95% stretch nylon and 5% spandex. The wigwam dri- release diabetic walker crew socks are made of soft, itch free merino wool and polyester fibers. The relaxed fit is ideal for diabetics because it won’t restrict circulation. The dri-release wool enhances moisture management. The Dri-Release technology has been accepted by the Canadian Podiatric Medical Association. These are just two examples. If you visit their website you can view the entire range of socks developed to provide health benefits.

Wigwam Socks for Men – Standing the test of sports, work and everyday wear.

This company designs socks for men as well as women. There are certain unisex designs available. As mentioned above, there is a whole range of sports socks available for men for different activities. In addition you will also find the perfect socks for work. The wigwam men’s at work 3 pack socks have received high customer satisfaction reviews. Made of 67% cotton, 17%acrylic and 16% stretch nylon; they have a smooth mouth looped toe seam. They are durable and have a hardworking stay up leg. It incorporates a great feature – odor guard antimicrobial treatment, which keeps your feet feeling clean. The extra cushioning provides a lot of comfort and longer wear.

For men who really enjoy the luxurious feel of good socks there is the men’s merino/ silk hiker sock. It is a natural combination of 65% merino wool and 10% silk. The merino wool is responsible for good insulation and silk strengthens the sock. Both these materials are very soft and plush and create a comfortable hiker. It also features a foot hugging fit and stay put top and leg. Besides these two varieties you can check the men’s everyday fusion sock, men’s el pine sock and darn tough merino wool boot sock.

Wigwam Socks for Women – Pick your style

wigwam socks for womenThey manufacture about 158 styles of socks for women. There are socks for hiking, trail walking, regular walking, sports, diabetes, work, etc. You can choose from crew styles, ankle length and knee length. The petal pusher is a great style because it combines  superior quality along with a feminine spring pattern. This lightweight design features dri-release which wicks away the moisture. The freshguard eliminates odors to keep your feet fresh. Made of 52% Dri Release, 46% nylon and 2% spandex, it has a foot hugging fit, seamless toe closure and breathable mesh for a cool environment. You can choose pink, blue or gray.

The quarter length marathon socks have a cushiony sole and feature 90% dri-release material. They also incorporate the freshguard feature. These socks will always keep your feet comfortable and dry. The best thing to do is to go to their website and check the different styles. You can even see the different retailers – both online and brick and mortar – that carry wigwam women’s socks.

Wigwam Socks Sale – Save some money

This socks offer tremendous comfort and support to your feet but they are not cheap. A single pair of socks can start out at $8.00. With a little research you can save some money. The company holds a factory sale on the second thursday of each month. You will find specially priced merchandise, products with slight imperfections, irregulars and overstock socks, hats and accessories. There are also two semi annual sales each year – back-to-school in Augusta and pre-holiday in November. However, these sales are held in Sheboygan so not everyone can avail of the deals offered here.

The other alternative is searching the internet. Many of the retailers carrying them may have a sale at some point or the other or may offer certain special discounts. EBay and overstock are two websites where you may end up finding some good deals. You can also check the regular brick and mortar sales to see if they are having any specials. This is more likely around holidays or days like Mothers Day, Presidents Day, etc.

Tips on buying and caring for Wigwam Socks

Before you buy your socks try to determine what activity they will be used for most. Then visit the sock finder section on their website. This will ensure that you spend your money on the right variety of socks. Once you buy your socks give them a little care and they will go a long way. After all you don’t want to spend so much money and find your socks ruined in the first wash. Turn your socks inside out before washing them. Wash them in warm water and do not bleach them or use fabric softener. Tumble dry with low heat and remove promptly. Also, remember to cut your toe nails else you will find holes in the toes of your of your socks.

Free Shipping on Wigwam Socks – Research pays off

Sometimes the internet is the best place to shop for your socks. But when you are paying a good sum for the socks you don’t want to have to pay for shipping as well. If you search the web you will probably find an online retailer who offers free shipping on the socks. Check sites like freshpair and bestinsoles, they offer free shipping and return shipping as well. However, deals and specials keep changing so it is best to look around when you are ready to buy.


Most people who have used wigwam socks agree that they are good value for your money. Your feet work hard all day and they deserve the comfort of a good pair of socks. The company stands behind their product and offers a two year guarantee on the pro line and a one year warrantee on their other products. All their products are manufactured in the United States and most of the raw material is sourced in the country itself. Try a pair of wigwam socks and then decide for yourself.