Hiking Socks

Today there are many outdoor enthusiasts. Hiking is done and enjoyed by varied age group. To give you a proper support and comfort, choosing only right shoes are not important but also socks. Hiking socks are no different from other types made for any sports. Even if you have the best hiking boots and wrong socks it can ruin your hike. If you are not wearing right pair of these units you are sure going to feel inconvenience which can make your trek a miserable experience. This piece of clothing is cushioned to protect your feet from getting wet and blistered.  Infact most of the experienced hiker always carry an extra pair of hiking socks. These units are specifically designed for comfort.

Different types of materials available for hiking socks:

Wool: It is a natural fiber having many great features that can support the hikers. They are more cushioned and offer the needed warmth. They are also less prone to shrinking. Merino wool is the best amongst all. But these units take more time to dry if wet but today wool is blended with nylon which is the best combination for hiking socks. This blended fabric discards many of the unfavorable characteristics of original wool and makes it more preferable for hikers.

Artificial fabrics: these materials are best known for their wicking functionality. They dry faster when compared to wool and are gentler on your feet. You do not feel itchy on wearing them. The durability of these units is more in comparison to wool.

hiking socks

Silk: this natural fiber is highly popular with the hikers. It gives a smooth feel to your feet and it helps to wick away moisture from keeping your feet dry. They are lightweight and hence very comfortable but they are not as durable as artificial fabrics.

Cotton: Though many sports socks are made of cotton, they are not ideal for hiking. They offer good cushioning but are not recommended. These units are difficult to dry and do not wick away the moisture.

The best hiking socks are those made of wool/ polyester blend as they offer slightly cushioned feel. They also dry quickly and are less prone to shrinking.

Types of hiking socks:

Hiking socks are available in different sizes, styles and shapes for men and women. They are available in different weight types to meet different needs of the hikers. Some also select these units depending on the weather. If you are the types who prefer to go for milder, shorter hikes than lightweight socks are best. They offer good comfort and allow wicking. They also provide some warmth. Mid- weight socks are warmer and give good support to your feet. People going for hiking in colder climate opt for these units. For people who are going for multi day hikes need better comfort and cushioning. The heavy weight hiking socks are thick and warm. They are perfect for colder hikes and more challenging grounds. These units offer great protection and are thickly cushioned hence best for those carrying heavy backpack.

Today the market is full of variety of hiking socks which offers best in terms of quality, durability, protection and comfort. Many top brands make these units that carry the brunt of the force through out the hike. Some of the best brands available in the market are Thorlo, the originator of activity specific socks. Their hiking socks deliver best performance for hikes in any weather and on flat and varied terrain. These units have superior moisture management and exceptional insulation. Bridgedale has over 100 years of experience in making socks. They use the latest technologies to make products that are unbeatable. This technology helps to make units that wick moisture away to the outer surface to ensure dryness all day.

By choosing the right hiking socks you can increase the enjoyment of hiking. So choose the best to make your hiking experience fun filled and enjoyable.