Wigwam Socks For Women

There is a great difference in sizing, styles, designs and colors of women socks when compared to men. But when choosing them, the most important considerations remain the same. There is myriad of options available in the market and hence there is no excuse for not having most comfortable socks. Wigwam socks for women offers best in formal, casual, sports style and for health purpose. Most of us feel that the shoes are important but it is the socks that touch your feet and hence any wronged sized or the seams that are less than soft can make your feet uncomfortable. Wigwam has been around since 1905 manufacturing quality socks which are still in demand. They have grown and make innovative changes to adapt to changing environment. This family owned company has been producing this piece of clothing in USA and continues to do so.

About the wigwam company:

women wigwam socksWigwam has evolved over the years and have state of art manufacturing facility and they work diligently to improve the efficiency of the product. They are aware of the growing pollution and are doing their best by changing their practices to become green. The company is searching for new ways to limit the carbon footprint of their company. They have taken some serious measures by installing solar energy panels to heat their water, to limit wasted water they have set up motion sensory lights and they re-use or re-cycle as many products as possible and restrict waste management. They believe in employing most of Americans and hence they make and use only those materials which are made and produced in USA.

Different styles of women’s wigwam socks:

Pathway socks: these classic socks provide best in terms of warmth and comfort. They are made from the world’s best merino wool. These unit features foot hugging feet with seamless toe closure. They are made of 58% merino wool, 41% stretch nylon and 1 % spandex.

At work durasole pro: this piece of clothing protects your feet all day long no matter what is your work type. It has odor guard which has antimicrobial treated which restricts any foot odor and keeps them fresh. To provide you with best comfort they are cushiony all over. They are long wearing having seamless toe closure. These units repel moisture and avoid perspiration. They are made of 40% olefin, 35% cotton, 25% stretch nylon. They protect your feet inside the harsh environment of your work boots.

pink women wigwam socksThe original slouch socks: they are made to surpass your personal goals and withstand any tough sport. It features low profile toe closure, slouchable leg and true fit top to provide best in terms of comfort and protection. It is made of 85% acrylic and 15% stretch nylon. They are available in four colors. To keep them in best condition they should be turned inside out before washing and do not use bleach of fabric softener.

Where to buy wigwam socks for women:

Today there are many options to buy wigwam socks for women. If you are the types who like to look out personally and then buy you can visit your nearest departmental store or sports store to buy one of these units. If you like to shop from the comfort of your home than internet is the best option. There are many online websites like sockcompany, zappos, footsmart, freshpair and some others. Comparison sites like next tag, bizrate also offer these units at affordable rates.

So if you are looking out for socks that will last you for long and protect your feet from all the natural elements than buy wigwam socks for women. They are sure to impress you.